Ports Hub

The Ports Hub Panel is accessible from Gear tab.
Click on the Ports Hub button to open/close Ports / Switches Hub Panel from where is possible to control ASCOM compatible Ports / Switches Hub devices.
When there is active connection there will be asterisk in the Ports Hub button name in Gear Tab. Note that closing the panel window does not disconnect the device. You can open and close the panel as many times as you need in order to keep the interface clean without worrying about the connection to the device.
The interface of of this panel is dynamic and depends on the ports and the switches that can be controlled by the driver. There are three types:
- Ports / Switches with variable values that can be set like dew heater power control
- Ports / Switches than can be set On and Off like USB ports
- Ports / Switches than provide read-only information like power level, temperature and etc.
When an item is from the first time, the tooltip help will shows the maximum and minimum acceptable values as well as the changes step. For example some dew heaters can accept power levels from 0 to 100% and to be changed with step of 10%. If you set 25% it will be rounded to 20%.
Here is how Ports Hub panel looks like:
Ports Hub

Connect / Disconnect

1.  Connect / Disconnect
When you connect a Ports Hub for the first time you will be asked to select the connection parameters by the standard ASCOM dialog. APT will remember your selection and when you click again on the “Connect” button it will use the previous settings automatically. If you want to change the connection parameters, use “Shift+Click” on the Connect button. Use Ctrl+Click to forget the selected connection parameters.


2. Settings
Opens the settings dialog of the ASCOM driver. If this action is not supported by the driver, use Shift+Click on Connect button and then click Properties in the driver selector dialog box.

On / Off All

3. On / Off All
Turns change the status of all ports that accept that to On / Off.

Port / Switch

4.  Port / Switch
Allows control on the port / switch or shows the value of the read-only items.