Σ - Summary Tab

The Σ - Summary Tab shows carefully selected information from the Camera, Gear and Tools tabs in order to minimize the switching between the tabs after the initial start of the imaging session. We have analyzed what information is needed when the imaging is up and running and also tried to minimize the number of the opened tools in order to provide more screen space for the images.
This tab can work in two modes like regular tab and in "Auto-Redirecting" mode. In the second mode when you point a section, the corresponding tab will be activated. When you move the mouse out of the tabs area the Summary will be activated back. For example you can point the "Camera" section for fast switching to Camera in order to pause the running plan and after that to get back without clicking on tabs buttons. This logic is used only if you have made the Summary tab active, if other tab is active what will not be auto-switching.
This operation mode and the sections you want to see in the Summary can be controlled by the Σ tab in Settings.
Σ - Summary Tab


1.  Camera
Shows information from the Camera tab - the selected plan, is it running, the entered object name. The last line depends on the APT mode:
- in DSLR mode on the last line are displayed the current ISO and image quality
- in CCD/CMOS mode the last line show the current GOB (Gain, Offset, Bin) and if the ROI is activated. Note that the ASCOM drivers can't provide the Offset value, so you have to use native driver to see that value.

Gear And Focus

2. Gear And Focus
Shows information from Gear tab and from FocusCraft. Displayed are the scope coordinates, tracking status as well as the status of Focuser, Filter Wheel and Rotator. Also there is part of the graph displayed in FocusCraft to see how the focus is changing during the night.


3. Guiding
Shows guiding graph from Gear tab.


4. Tools
Gives fast access to the tools that are most used during the imaging session. If the "Auto-Redirecting" mode is activated pointing "More..." is switching to Tools tab, if redirecting is no activated, clicking on "More..." switches to Tools tab.