Tools Tab

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This tab gives access to many interesting features. Here you can find short note about every one and link to a dedicated section where the feature is described in details.
Tools Tab


1. Histograms
Opens/Closes the Histogram Aid. It can be used to see if the image is properly exposed or the make Screen Stretch or Levels of the image to see fainter details. This is "on screen" operation and the saved image is not altered.
See Histogram section. 


2. Graphs
Opens/Closes the Graphs aid. It shows graphs for various data collected during the imaging session like EXIF temperature, CCD/CMOS temperature and etc.
See Graph section.

Focus Craft

3. Focus Craft
Opens/Closes the Focus Craft Panel. It allows to monitor the focus quality during the session and also is integral part of the automatic focusing.
See FocusCraft section.

Auto-Focus Aid

4. Auto-Focus Aid
Opens/Closes the Auto-Focus Aid. Using a motorized focuser and Focus Aid the Auto-Focus Aid analyze and tune the focus automatically.
See Auto-Focus Aid section.

Focus Aid

5. Focus Aid
Opens/Closes the Focus Aid. This is an aid to achieve the best focus by using FWHM (Full Width Half Maximum) or HFD (Half Flux Diameter) metrics for measuring the focus quality. This aid is also used by the Auto-Focus Aid and EOS Lens Auto-Focus.
See Focusing Aid section.

Bahtinov Aid

6. Bahtinov Aid
Opens/Closes the Bahtinov Aid. This aid analyzes the spikes made by a Bahtinov mask on sub-pixel level and allows achieving better focus than the one made by eye.
See Bahtinov Aid section.

Set Focus Mark

7. Set Focus Mark
Sets a focus mark for the current temperature. The mark is used in order to determine when to notify you that there is need to refocus because of temperature change.
Shift+Click on this button prints the last set temperature mark in Log panel.
See External Sensors section.

CCD Flats Aid

8. CCD Flats Aid
Opens/Closes the CCD Flats Aid. Use this aid to determine the exposure duration needed to get the best flat frames. It can evaluate multiple filters and create automatically Flats type imaging plan.
See CCD Flats Aid section.

Session Craft

9. Session Craft
Opens/Closes the Session Craft Panel. It allows to control the Automated Meridian Flip, to schedule refocusing and plans execution.
See SessionCraft section.

APT Settings

10. APT Settings
Opens the Settings dialog box where you can handle most of the APT settings. Some APT features has their local settings which are described the corresponding sections.
See Settings section.


11. Magnifier
Opens/Closes the Magnifier aid. It allows making software image zoom.
See Magnifier section.

Pixel Aid

12. Pixel Aid
Opens/Closes the Pixel Aid. It allows to inspect the signal in various metrics for a small part of the image (or the whole image).
See Pixel Aid section.

Framing Masks

13. Framing Masks
Opens/Closes the Framing Masks aid. This is an aid to frame object by same way during different nights or after a meridian flip.  It allows creating a reference mask from an image and to show it over other image with just a few clicks.
It is an alternative to PointCraft when there is no telescope/mount connection.
See Framing Masks section.


14. PAPS
Opens/Closes the Polar Align via Plate Solving - PAPS Panel. It allows to make a polar alignment using the plate solving technology.
See PAPS section.


15. DARV
Opens/Closes the DARV aid. DARV is Drift Alignment by Robert Vice method. DARV Aid helps with the mount movement and exposure control.
See DARV section.

Check Lists

16. Check Lists
Opens/Closes the Check Lists Panel. It provides to store and preview checklists of steps and reminders for various aspects of preparation for imaging session or step to follow. Like "Don't forget the USB cables"...
See Check Lists Section.


17. Planetary
Opens/Closes the Planetary Panel. It provides a way to take planetary images using the EOS LiveView.
See Planetary Panel section.

Collimation Aid

18. Collimation Aid
Opens/Closes the Collimation Aid. It helps to make easier collimation.
See Collimation Aid section.

Object Calculator

19. Object Calculator
This is the built-in APT calculator that allows computing the FOV (Field Of View) size, resolution, CFZ (Critical Focus Zone) and etc.
See Object Calculator section.