• Modern CMOS camera troubleshooting

Modern CMOS camera troubleshooting

The modern CMOS cameras are coming with multi-megapixel sensors and all this information should be transferred to the computer. Everyone wants that transfer to be as fast as possible and if you have a model built in the last several years it is a USB3 camera. So far so good! However it happens that your camera could not play nicely with your computer. As a result you will see problem with the image downloading - usually the software is hanging waiting for image than never comes and the only solution is camera restart.
First of everything check if the USB power management is disabled! Here is short clip how to check / disable it - Clip in YouTube
Second, never operate the camera without AC adapter unless it has no powering port! Use power adapter that could feed the camera without being on the limit! If your camera needs 2 Amps, use 3-4 Amps adapter. Some adapters could perform significantly worse under cold conditions, so have good amount of amps in advance.
During the time several solutions have proven that give results in solving the problem of the USB3 instability problem:
In addition, make sure that there are no running USB speed booster applications (some laptops come with pre-installed application that could offer optimized transfer)
General rule - keep your Windows updated.