Filter Wheels / Drawer

APT is able to control filter wheels via ASCOM drivers, INDIGO / INDI as well as SBIG filter wheels through their native interfaces. Also it is possible to track the usage of manual filter wheel or filter drawer.
In order to use INDIGO / INDI is needed connection to server running on RaspberryPi, ASIAir, StarMaster, StellarMate, or Linux/MacOS computer.
See the following sections:
Note: For manual wheel or drawer there is need to switch the filter in the Gear tab once filter is manually changed. You can configure APT to show reminder when filter has to be changed via Filter Wheel settings tab.
APT supports the usage of the focus offset and gain per filter. If offsets are entered, there is connection to a Focuser and "Adjust Focuser" in Gear tab is enabled, the focuser position will be tuned on every filter change. If gain value is entered it will be used when the filter is in front of the camera.
Note: It is recommended to describe the filters in the Filter Wheel settings tab rather than in the ASCOM / INDIGO / INDI driver in order to get better behavior and experience!
The filter wheel connection is used or can be used by the following APT features: